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Voucher Your Material

What is a voucher?

A herbarium voucher is a pressed, dried specimen of a plant that has been specially mounted to a sheet of archival paper. An attached label identifies and describes the plant. This may include information about when and where the plant was collected, its habitat or cultivation method, phenotypic information such as color, chemical profiles or yield amounts, and the name of the collector, original breeder, steward or farm. For industrial applications, it can also include batch lot numbers and be used as a genetic reference to track, trace or audit plants as needed in the event of supply chain discrepancies or mix-ups for submitters. Submission to a herbarium preserves specimens in ideal conditions for long term storage and can also enable biological research to understand phenotypic diversity in the species.

Herbarium specimen voucher.jpg

Why voucher your material with Canndor?

Hands holding cannabis plant leaves

This is your material; you should define it.


However, without proper documentation through vouchering, definitions are meaningless.


Herbaria serve as record keeping organizations to house this information. Voucher specimens, which serve as the gold standard of cultivar documentation, set the stage for community led definitions and germplasm ownership.


At Canndor, YOU set the parameters that define YOUR cultivars and strains.

Nirav Solanki photography cannabis farm

Cannabis cultivars vary when grown in differing locations, and understanding how the environment impacts the phenotype is a powerful tool.


Contributing to Canndor generates the data needed to elevate your grow. Data improves best agricultural practices; better practices means higher profits. 

Contributing to Canndor empowers breeders to define their material and grants you access to meaningful data, helping your organization and the entire community grow better.

How it works

Canndor Herbarium preserves and documents the phenotypic diversity across your cannabis plants.

How do we do this?

Graphic showing how to snip cannabis leaves, place them on paper, press them, and then either register online or submit the voucher

Vouchers stored in herbaria last for centuries.

Our facilities are specially geared towards long term storage.


Unlike traditional herbaria which are sequestered to the ivory tower of academia, Canndor is a community-based resource.


In addition to being locally connected, Canndor is growing a global presence, with linked chapters across the entire cannabis community. 

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