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Founded in 2016, the Canndor Herbarium is the first ever cannabis herbarium.


Herbaria are traditional houses of dried, preserved plant material, known as plant vouchers, that serve as a library of historical and biological records. They act as the foundation of real cultivar standards set forth by the cannabis community, as cultivar definitions, appellatory definitions and proof of claims must have immutable, referenceable records. These herbarium specimens are physical proof of cultivation and give long-time plant stewards a claim to their material that outsiders cannot dispute.


Herbaria are both centers of biological study to support research, and record keepers for what’s grown in the past and cultivated currently. Canndor is committed to providing and maintaining this resource for the cannabis community. We are here to preserve cultivar biodiversity as a whole, give voice to the small farmer’s artisanal bounty, foster research that assists Cannabusinesses to reach their own goals, and support brands trying to create a verifiable, consistent product.


We are the industry’s go-to source for establishing plant records as a true history vault. As a herbarium, we create dried archived plant pressings of vegetative, flowering or whole plant material of your plants as a time stamped record of its existence. Such work is integral to the record of plant cultivation and required for cultivar definitions in the broader natural product space. It is now brought to cannabis through Canndor.

Work With Us

Herbarium records enable cultivators to immortalize plant records, track plant development over time, support claims of creation and cultivation for organizations, set the foundation for biological research and understanding, and document flagship old-school cultivars as community held.


Our work aims to help the community establish and define type specimens, codify names surrounding the plants YOU have created and propagated, and understand how cannabis varies when grown in differing locations. 


Canndor's feature in Broccoli magazine

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Broccoli, Issue 10, 2021

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