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Community Partners


Origins Council defines legacy cannabis producing regions as those rural areas of California that have established prolific small scale cannabis cultivation and herbal medicine craft over the past 2 decades, or longer.


Origins Council is working to develop appellation of origin designations & protections for local agricultural products, and to preserve & promote our region's rich cultural heritage.


With scientific integrity at its core, LeafWorks Inc. is a female-founded genetics company specializing in plant identification, research, and development to protect and advance the cannabis, hemp, and herbal industries.


LeafWorks Inc. helps cultivators continue to be leaders in their industry by providing plant DNA testing and services to help preserve their genetic IP, improve efficiency, and ultimately evolve their grow.


LeafWorks Inc. is the exclusive DNA testing company partner of the Canndor Herbarium, the world’s first cannabis herbarium, which holds plant vouchers for thousands of different cannabis/hemp plants accumulated by the cannabis community itself.

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A vital resource in the cannabis industry, the 420 Archive’s mission is to collect, preserve and share, for public enrichment, the history, and activism surrounding cannabis and of its culture and prohibition in the United States.

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