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The Cannabis Herbarium

- Founded 2016 -

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Our Mission

As a world class industry herbarium, Canndor’s mission is to document and preserve records of cannabis plants grown in the industry, in order to establish historical evidence of existence, link plant creators with their creation, and establish broader cultivar standards in partnership with the community that stewarded these plants themselves.

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What Is A Herbarium?

Herbaria are traditional houses of dried, preserved plant material, known as plant vouchers, that serve as a library of historical and biological records. They act as the foundation of real cultivar standards set forth by the cannabis community, as cultivar definitions, appellatory definitions and proof of claims with immutable, referenceable records. Herbarium specimens are physical proof of cultivation and give long-time plant stewards a claim to their material that outsiders cannot dispute.

Voucher Your Material

At Canndor, you set the parameters that define your cultivars and strains.


Learn how vouchering plant specimens with Canndor benefits cannabis breeders and farmers, helping both your organization and the entire cannabis community grow better.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2016, the Canndor Herbarium is the first ever cannabis herbarium.

At their core, herbaria are both centers of biological study to support research, and record keepers for what’s grown in the past and cultivated currently. Canndor is committed to providing and maintaining this resource for the cannabis community. We are here to preserve cultivar biodiversity as a whole, give voice to the small farmer’s artisanal bounty, foster research that assists Cannabusinesses to reach their own goals, and support brands trying to create a verifiable, consistent product.

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